Curly Hair and Society

For a girl like me, with my fizzy shrinking curly hair, it is not easy to feel comfortable. I tried to ignore the social requirement of straightening my hair this summer, after all I got not only curly hair but also fizzy.
I decide that I’m going to ignore and have a hair up-do then on the last moment I change my mind and blow dry it or straighten it.
I tried before to chemically straighten it, that worked for a while but it is a costly procedure, both time and money.

To be able to be comfortable and confident with the way your hair is, the way you look, and not having a bad hair day is an important thing, yet I got lots of bad hair days that I try to overcome

I know a hair do can make a difference, so I will place some links to YouTube that got some hair dos that I personally tried and liked

cute and easy 

a perfect low bun


everyday up do


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