When you got a lot on your plate

Lots of work to be done, little time available, thoughts become less focused instead of focused. does that sound like familiar to you? well the good thing is you are not alone, and for sure you are welcomed to join the club 😀

Submission here and another there… family obligation and social networking… alone each seems to be manageable but together it is complex. It is not that none have managed it, yet not all can do so. What is stopping me from being able to do so? I don’t know…. Could be time management, being overwhelmed, unorganized priorities. It is a different reason every time, depends on the thing and the people involved.

Specially when you need to do something in a time when mentally you are not to do it. Complex talk? I will make it easy. Like if you need to study in vacation time, the environment around you doesn’t help you, everyone is having fun and you have to sit and force yourself to study. You are vacationing for a while and everyone want to meet up with you, little time and lots of meetings, and lets not forget family gatherings as well. Lovely enough when you get those two scenarios are combined at the same time.

In such situations your plate gets full, and you get confused where to start from and end up doing the very least.

20130803-100906 PM.jpg

So Called Summer Vacation Studying Environment


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