Ideas for lunch 1

Short in time, don’t know what to do ….. here is an idea

The other day I was with my friend and we wanted to try something different, something that would take our tasting experience to a different level. After that I started playing with the ingredients as they were available.

This might not be the healthiest meal ever, yet it is simple and quick to do.

Get some mixed vegetables (frozen or fresh that is up to you) prepare them, as in cook them. Place them in a sauce pan and add some tomato paste to it ( again it is up to you to use a ready one or make your own)

So far this meal seems normal and nothing to it. For me I like to taste different flavors so I add some olives into the mix and raisins …. and if available either meatballs or chicken slices….. and before serving I would add some olive oil….



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