Time and time again…

Here is something I wrote a year ago or so….

I miss lots of things in my life, one important thing is me! Sometimes I wish to turn back time and go back to the days when I know myself, the only shame related to this is I would know you, at least the way I do now, I wouldn’t miss you the way I do right now, and most importantly is we wouldn’t have the respect we have for one another. I am really sorry that we’re over, but thankful that each one of us will go remembering the other with good memories.

Adam, this is not to blame or a desperate moment done by me, this is just an appreciation note.

Reading it, while typing it…. I really am wondering why did I write what I wrote… Yes I do go through a phase where I question myself and identity. Yet lately I came to peace with myself… that I am who I am because of the things I went through, and that if I want to go back in time thinking that I knew myself.. I’m mistaken for that back then I didn’t know who I was and wanted to go back in time as well…

The thing is either being nostalgic or just want to be in a time where I know what will happen; that’s not how things work though…



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