Things I know

things I know about myself:
yes I’m not the perfect person, coz there is no such a thing
yes I can be the biggest drama queen
yes I can be sad
yes it might seem like I’m searching for reasons to be sad
yes I can be my own nightmare
yes I can be talking about myself more than listening

but I also know that about myself:
I care with all my heart about my friends
I try my best to be optimistic even if inside me I’m skeptic
I try my best to be by my friends’ side when it is good and when it is bad
I know that I want my friends around me, not that I need them but I want them in my life
I light up when I see my friends happy and successful

and here is what life taught me briefly:
never regret anything, for when it was done you had a good reason
every day is a new lesson to be learned
every day is an experiment to participate in
surrounding vibes can affect yours but you need to be stronger than to let that happen


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