Hunger: state of mind or physical need or both?

‘I feel hungry’ or ‘I’m hungry’ my friend mocks me with these two phrases. My friend can’t be blamed, because I do use them a lot when we are together. I do admit that sometimes I do starve myself, and why? Well depends on the situation.
Yes I can be obsessed with my weight and figure sometimes, and yes that is no excuse or a way to punish myself. I also know I need to treat my body with more respect and give it its right. That gets me to my question: is hunger a physical need or a state of mind? Do we need to eat just to fulfil a physical need and fuel our body with energy or do we eat to fulfil a mental need of food pleasure?
I know I know, it is somehow both! True! Yes one side can over come the other, and that we need to balance between them.
To indulge with healthy food flavours is one thing and to satisfy the evil part that requests anything that is unhealthy is another. In the end one might get the satisfaction then, but the question is related to the duration of that satisfaction and fulfilment.
That is why I asked if hunger was a state of mind, because one’s eating habits can and does reflect their emotional status.

The conversation between what is felt and seen is always interesting, they can be connected and we might try to separate them, while all that is needed to be done is actually connecting them.


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