Th Big Bang Theory and Life

Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette and Amy; yes these are the main characters of the Big Bang Theory, and for those who don’t know it I recommend that you go and take a look at it. You don’t have to be a Researcher to related to it, from my perspective it is a nice comedy that I enjoy watching every now and then and somehow keen to know what will happen to the characters. Though it might seem at first that it is about two facing flats, one has a pretty blonde and the other two geeks. Well, you are right :D, at least to some extent. The story now is becoming more complicated than that simple generalization of the show’s idea.

Some of the actions done by the actors makes me relate to myself and some friends, we do some if not most of the actions and reactions. Not that it is just a personal thought, Jim Parsons mentions that as well on Lopez Tonight Show

Sheldon who is over picky and wants things his way, believes he is better than any credit that can be offered, yet deep down he is like a kid who is playing with his toys……

Leonard the geek who wants to be normal, want to have both worlds (geek’s fame and women)….

Howard the flirty geek who eventually gets his girl after chasing every girl and hitting on any girl his eyes falls on….

Raj the geek with female social problems … if drunk can talk to them but if sober he can’t, yet academically seems he is doing better than the rest somehow…

Finally there is Penny the girl next door, she is pretty and bit not that smart like her neighbors yet she got the life experience that makes her know things they , her neighbors, don’t know how to deal with or never experienced before.

The writers created these characters with extreme …. In reality each of us can relate to some of the actions and reactions as I have earlier mentioned …..

Lately, with this weather ups and downs as well as health, I started recalling an episode where Sheldon sings for Penny.

The Big Bang Theory link on IMDb


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