When technology is not on your side

With all see technologies that surround us, we tend to depend on them. Not saying I don’t do that or don’t like it. On the contrary I like to search for anything that is new even if not hip yet, and I would like to explore it if not try it and use it. But the problem comes when technology decides to betray you, stand against you.
When you got a deadline that you know that you can achieve, then out of the be you computer decides to ruin this plan of yours, and instead decides to not work and keep you paradises! That is the time for me to go crazy and panic to the max! What to do now?! I got a deadline, I got the material almost ready, all I need to do is place these thoughts and ideas in my computer word software and get it done with. But that is not what the computer had in mind.
On one hand, I stress on that because my computer is not working I can’t do my work properly, on the other hand I think that I’m using this issue as an excuse and I need to snap out of it and my work will be done, if not by computer then manually. What is I important is that the work is done.

Did you go through one of these moments? Share and tell.


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