Emotional Fight

Though my journey so far I’ve went through my ups and downs like any student/researcher. It hurts how these downs can affect your relationship with the people you love e most. O one hand, you don’t want to hurt them so you avoid telling them every single thing and try to reassure them that things are fine and all ups. On the other hand, your downs sometimes win and you reflect that negatively on them, which makes them uneasy and might make you lose it all, or lose what ever you have built the past months if not year or so.
Saying sorry is not the solution, and expressing yourself might not work when you face them, even though you mig try and practice it all day, when it domes to the moment of truth it is not easy to express yourself and all that you are going through emotionally and mentally, I mean all the thoughts and ideas that goes through your head. Again, if you were like me, this is not going to be easy at all because you care too much that you don’t want them to worry about you, and you don’t want to be spreading your negative energy then lose their positive support.
For me, when it comes to emotions it is difficult to deal with. Don’t know if I’m being over sensitive or inconsiderate, but what was my intention is to protect my loved ones from my downs don’t want them to be affected and want to support them as they do support me.


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