What is it that WE Miss?

A thought that comes to my mind over and over again: What is it that we tend to miss? Is it the time, momentum, person or how we felt when all those were combined together and created a memory?

We grow, we learn and we go through a lot. We meet people, create friendships, get hurt and recover as well. Going through this is not new to us, but every time we go through it, even if with the same people, it feels as if the first time. That feeling might be for the ones we really care about. The concept is the same. We miss those people, but why do we miss them in the first place?

I got more questions than answers. That might be normal for the nature of my wonder, or totally senseless 😛

Seriously, what is it that makes us feel this notion of missing a person, time or anything at all? Could it be that we don’t want to change, so fear of change is the driver for the feeling we get: MISSING SOMEONE

Will leave you with that thought, have a think about it. Meanwhile I will  end this with a nice quote that I felt represent what I feel now in respect to the notion of missing:

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.
– Tryon Edwards



One thought on “What is it that WE Miss?

  1. In my humble experience, I noticed that people tend to miss the emotions and feelings linked to a memory or person, and the way they felt and were than, perhaps happier, than now.

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