Computer vs manual analysis

As a new researcher, specially if young and got passion for technology, you are trapped between two methods that can get you to your research accomplishment. Old school or new school, or maybe the safe side if combination. O! Yeah these are three, well I don’t think it is either or.
The thing that brought this idea to life is my journey in PhD. You need to always remember, for research or any other life situation, never settle for people’s opinions, you need to try and see. Now. Back to the topic, both technology vs manual and the concept of trying are linked. Your supervisor might tell you to go and work manually when analyzing, but at the end it is your call what to do. You need to explore what is out there and then decide for yourself w hat you will be doing.
Personally, I like to learn new things every day, but came to admit that I don’t have the time to do so, at least not now.
Wanting to try is a good thing, and learning the skill quickly is great, but you need always to be true to yourself. Because as much as some programs look cool, you need not to waste time, for they are designed to save time!

To end this I want to mention the word editing and supporting programs that I am using and also considering to use in the future:
Word, endnote, xls, photosh, illustrator, nvivo, spss and Dropbox


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