Sensitivity and Meanness

Do we get more sensitive as we grow up? Is there a relation between age and the amount of meanness in someone? Or is it some of both? Questions, questions and just more questions……. It is not enough that my research brings them up, my personal life is driving me crazy with more and more questions every second not every now and then. Seems like research now, after a year, is kinder to me than my personal life, which is more than 20 years! Well life is an on-going process with new and different inputs every day and every hour….. the ratio of things seems fair and acceptable.

Closing conversations!! That is something that needs some skills to do without hurting the person you are talking to, if that skill is not there you would be considered a mean person, inconsiderate and soon you might lose all people around you. Also, being the sensitive one would result in the same thing: being alone, pushing people around you away. Being an extreme in one or both is not good, having some of those reactions is totally normally, but try to control these actions and not them controlling you.

I know the title is about two feelings/actions, but there is something that triggers them and maybe intensify them and let you magnify these characteristics in you, show the bad side of you. Talking, communicating!!! these two things are vital and their lack in a place makes it an ill place to be in. Things might be easier or harder if communication was around, but for sure it would be much clearer. One would know where they are standing and why.

So would communication help in controlling the amount of sensitivity in one person? Would it help in lowering down the amount of meanness that one would preserve about someone else?

To know and maybe relate to what I wrote, here is an incident:

Seems like I need to stick to my passive existence in the room. How I feel is that I am not welcomed anymore, hostile environment, which I don’t want to change because there is no guarantees that the new environment would be any less hostile.



One thought on “Sensitivity and Meanness

  1. Interesting view, gosh I miss blogging! from my prespective, I think when you communicate you clear the sensitive vibe and make everything more transparent. If do not, you allow room for the sensitivity to control every aspect of communication between both sides and sees everything as biased. in terms of age, no I think you become more mature but you choose whether to hold onto things or not, its a personal choice. love ya

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