Weather and mood

“If you want something, choose the right time! That’s the key” My father used to tell me, and still in some occasions remind me. I agree with him, for the mood affects your judgement. But what makes me wonder is: What affects our moods, make it better or worse. “Seems like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed” That’s something some people say when they wake up feeling annoyed all day, or “Bad hair day”. These kind of statement themselves affect how one sees their day , or proceed with their day.

I have noticed that this affects my day big time, how I feel. In my case I feel that the weather here affects me the most. When it is a sunny day I get more and extra motivated, even if my production was not that much. On the other hand, a rainy day for me is a struggle, I feel that I need to put in more effort to be able to do the normal. When I tend to think about it, I tell myself that it is only my sub-consciousness playing games with me, or is not?

Is there a relation between weather and mood? A documented one? Do not want to go that road, for I do not want to know the results, analysis and so on of the other type of information that might be included, some things are better unknown I think.

For instance, today’s weather is bit rainy, and Uni still has some snow left here and there, where I study the room is warm and QUITE! So looking from my window I see the gloomy weather, shady and gray, not the same effect of a sunny clear day for sure, but for sure I am not complaining. With this type of weather I try to keep myself as busy as possible, do things here and there, trying my best to ignore the feeling I got from this gray weather and atmosphere. Somewhere inside me I know that I am succeeding, In Shaa Allah I am.

That’s one more day of my journey


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