Over reacting or was it normal

I was thinking all day about what happened last week, and wondering if I over reacted to that incident. That action really got to me, and how I feel about it somehow surprised me. I felt as if my pride was broken, as if I was of no worth, as if I was a stranger and not a colleague who have spent more than a year in that office. Again, am I over reacting ???

As to research progress, it is up and down, but I had a talk with one of the supervisors in the university who with his words comforted me, reinforced my confidence about my work. Now I got a new framework which I will be perusing , and that is that good news, while the bad one is I don’t know how to take this into action.

Now those two issues combined are driving me crazy, getting me back to a stage I would think all PhD researchers go through: being in the swing of being sure and unsure about your work, and in some cases both feelings together.

Could it be that I’m over reacting and all I need to do is  calm down and consider it as a passing phase? or my reaction is indeed in place? I think the upcoming days would answer these questions


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