Just another Awkward day

Walking towards the office, empty corridors like always, I noticed a new note on the door. A note that there should be less disturbance, less guests to the room. actually supervisors are the only guests allowed to the office. This note was a surprise to me I must admit. I thought that I was the only one who didn’t know about this note, but no, even my friend didn’t know and she was surprised to see it as well. Therefore the message was something like: you two girls disturb us with your social friends, or you two girls ARE disturbance when you socialize together. Finding it hard to understand what and why led to this note, but I made it as a statement for me to less interact with anyone in this office, beside my girlfriend. Let them say what they like, but this office is mine as it is theirs. When they socialize I don’t go on asking them to be quite or so, therefore they are not supposed to do so when we girls talk. Not knowing if what I understood is right or no, yet I’m going with the evidence I got.

That  could be for the best, help us focus more, but the question for me would be: for how long will I be able to act like so. Again, the answer would be on how productive that step will make me, I might actually like it and keep it -the silence treatment attitude.

After reading my feelings about this incident…. I might have overreacted a bit. I’ve been told that I can act over-sensitive sometimes. But seems like I will stick to my original thought and attitude determination and see how it goes. A follow up to this might be placed here after attitude trial :p

This note was/is the start of a new and awkward phase of my journey.


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