Dreams can come true

As children we had our own dreams. Those dreams might have developed, changed, altered or we were successful to go through with them and achieve them. In my case, I can say I was able to go through and achieve it, thanks to Allah first and mostly. Though I do need to say, some people and family members thought I’m better off, as in finding a better dream or pursue something different, I’ll get to that point later on.

As a child, I looked up to my uncle and how he bought proud and happiness to his father, my grandfather. The time they two spent, and how close they were, or so it seemed to me at the time, after all I was only 6  or 7 years old. I thought to myself, why not be like him when I grow up, an architect! At the time till I graduated from high-school, everyone in the family tried to change my mind, specially that I had high grades, but I was focused on that dream. My childhood dream which I nourished and became a want not just a wish. Lots of people kept on telling me how great it would be if I became a doctor (medicine doctor) something that was not in my mind, and never considered. That insist from people made me develop a new dream which is placing this new goal: place the initials PhD in the end of my name of my business card (Dr. some people would call it).

Here I am, more than 20 years from the original dream, and thanks to Allah I am towards accomplishing my second dream.

As a female interior designer in a place where even male architects don’t get their fully rights stated and documented, it is not an easy thing, career wise. Yes they are fighting for their/our rights, and hopefully soon one day we will all get what we deserve, what is ours as they, architects, say.

If you follow this blog, I will be placing stories about my journey as a PhD researcher, and might even place some of my journey before that. 😀


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