How expensive is your health?

I got this title placed long time ago, and now seems an appropriate time to put something in it. Why now? Simple, I’m going through some events that relates much to the topic, though not with the same perspective I had when I placed the title.

Normally when someone advises to take care of your health you would get some of the following thoughts:

I know this person will start preaching me about healthy food this kind of c*&!, I’m so not in the  mood for this


I don’t have time like this person, I’m so busy and time is all I need, if I got time I would have been the healthiest person.


Here is what I think: YOU AND ONLY YOU can be healthy, if you believe. Yet, most importantly : IF YOU WANT TIME YOU CAN CREATE IT !!

You want to workout everyday to keep good health, you can do it, don’t think that you don’t have time, what you don’t have is time management. Don’t think you don’t have what it gets, for that you got everything it takes to do some exercise or even walk and jog, it is all up to you and you can do it.

You want to start eating healthy? Again it is up to you, do it one step at a time. Kick one thing at a time out of your system, you will find that you got where you wanted to go.





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