Panic Attack

How often do one goes through one of these attacks, and what targets them?

Personally, I went through yesterday, and didn’t like how it felt then, and now remembering how I felt, still don’t like it. Well take you through the feelings I had, maybe you might feel related.

Early morning I felt something was off, not in place, couldn’t tell what it was. Then I started feeling as if I was over caffeinated, and shaky, not just feeling hands shaking, but feeling all my body shaking from inside. It was not that easy to control myself, and it was clear for everyone around me that I was tensed about something, even from my voice it showed. From my side I tried to hide, don’t know if it was out of pride, or was it just because I was in denial.

When I go through such a feeling I tend to do one of two things: over eat or deprave myself from food. Luckily this time I did neither of those two, just tried to calm myself down, and it worked, I’m glad and feel blessed.

Hearing about panic attacks, I thought why not look what people wrote about it over the internet. By just typing it, I found lots of suggestions, from people who have been through it like me and you, and from physicians with the recommendations. After all this is a common thing that people go through, I would imagine it is part of being human. Yet from the pages that I liked and things I read and found interesting are the following:

How to calm down

Almost everything about anxiety


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