Actions that stop me 1

Some people continue to amaze me, by their actions as well as the things they say, it is one way when it comes to them and another when it comes to others. The privileges that they think they got, the rights that they gave to themselves. Most importantly, they disagree when someone else do what they do: grant rights that they think are not fair. Since when it was about being fair? Or is it about what is right in their perspective? And only their perspective?
As I said, these people keep on amazing me.
I admit that I do that, not saying I’m not part, it is human nature I would think. The thing that made me write about this now, is that it hits a nerve when you try to reason with them and they would just shut you out, not listening or hearing a word you say, as if you know nothing and they know everything. It is not right nor fair to treat people this way, you are inside a box and every now and then you need someone outside your bubble and box to give you their view. The point with this perspective is to broaden your understanding of things. For yes! Sometimes it is your right to do something and not allow others, you might know or have more than others, yet on the other hand, you might be so wrong and need to review your actions.

We got a quote you may say or a saying that we use for this kind of action:

it is right for you and taboo for me
حلال عليك حرام علي


One thought on “Actions that stop me 1

  1. You know something, that thought came to me earlier and I figured this: people who think they can do something while others can are basically either justifying their guilt of doing it or simply have a massive ego which unables them to see the truth, that everyone has a right to do or say what they feel as long as it doesnt hurt others…that last thought is sadly seldom thought of.

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