This is my Little Sister

Yes she is my little sister, and I am proud of her.

Yes we argue a lot, but I still love her, and love her more as days pass by.

Yes she gets on my nerves sometimes and drives me crazy, yet she knows how to calm me down, make me smile.

Yes she is young and acts like it, but sometimes she acts all grown up and fills my world with her kindness and care Yes she is my little sister and she is like the world to me.

I don’t know how she does it, but she understands me well enough, well most of the times. Sometimes I think to myself and wish that I am a good elder sister to her as she is a good little sister to me. Sometimes I wish that she knows that I am so proud of her, and hope that she looks up to me the same way I see the future in her. People might not understand the contradictory of my actions: I would complain about her and her actions, and on the other hand I would not allow anyone to do that. She is my sister and I feel it is only my right to do so, not anyone else’s.

If you see us together, you might think we are enemies, but we are so close to one another I feel and hope. Sis if you ever read this, know that I love you.


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