being thankful and grateful

We humans are blessed with lots of blessings, but who from us dedicate time to thank Allah and be grateful for what he/she is in. I know some of us do that and dedicate a fair amount of time doing so, the question really is about if we mean it when we thank Allah? Do we think of the words we say or we just say it like a must-to-do routine, just not to feel guilty or so. In some cases you go though situations and you start thinking to yourself what was it that you did that ended you in such a situation? What did you do so you would get all that stress? Well here is the thing: you are stressed because you let yourself get stressed, you got into this mess because you let yourself get into this mess!! It’s not people’s doings that placed you there, it’s you who placed you there. One need to try and get out of the picture’s frame and look at things as others might see it as well as his/her own perspective. Even if someone went though some situation, one might try looking at it differently, for it’s your brain that controls mostly. Little percentage goes for the circumstances and a great big one goes towards your reaction to these circumstances. Just a small thought before you leave: if you do go through a rough time, before doing or saying something that you might regret latter on, take a deep breath and start thanking Allah and be grateful for the things he provided you with, not just saying words, but actually also remembering and being aware of what you are thinking of.


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