Yes! He is my Grand-father

I know that I might not have acted as the perfect, or even good, family member while far, but I miss every single person, even though I might not say it or as some say act like it. It is not easy to lose a family member, a member who gave you value, made you feel important.

The time I spent with my Grand-father was priceless, the moments are now memories, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to actually had this time, listen to his wisdom, his riddles and words. I’m glad that I had a small chance in assisting him, being there when he wanted something and  was some times able to grant him those things.

Reading what people wrote after he passed away this week, it doesn’t much surprises me, they wrote the ups that I didn’t experience yet in a way sensed and felt when I recall my memories. My words are failing me one more time to express how highly I think and feel about him. As a grand-father and father and a family member.

I’m trying to get the thought into my head, that this time when I go home, his home, he will not be there, I will not hear his voice calling me or any of my unties. I will not have a short thought about his riddles, hear and see him smile even though he might be in pain.

I know this is life, and what is action and moments now will be memories by tomorrow. All we got now for those who we love and passed away is to keep them in our memories and prayers more than before, for that is what will benefit them the most, our prayers.

If you got someone you care about and love, don’t spare the moment, be with them as much as you can, create nice moments for both of you, moments that would be treasured memories later on, moments that you would have not moments that you regret missing.


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