Me Time

I might have talked about this issue before, but what is it for real? What is Me Time? Apparently and clear enough, it is the time you spend alone with yourself to be pampered what you want and feel that you need and deserve.
Some might like to treat themselves with a spa session, something you need to be alone to go through the process fully, while others might disagree and enjoy a friend’s company.
Others might call a time alone in the room doing random things can be the perfect me time that can be, but what are those random things? For some when they say random they mean doing almost everything they need to do from tasks and hobbies. Again that depends on the one’s priorities Me Time is formulated.
The point is, people vary as what they think is Me Time, but from my personal experience we need to be careful so that it wouldn’t exceed and make us have no time for others in our lives, or makes us push people around us away.
Yes you deserve your own personal time to preserve and refresh your personal space, yet you need to consider the priorities of your life, things like family and friends. You might want a break, but I don’t think you would want to be a loner. There is a thin line between those two, personal time and being a loner, watch out and be careful. Live your life and enjoy some pamper.


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