Facebook Games Addiction!!

This is true, it can be addictive. I recall reading once about social networks and how they are addictive like cigarettes and could be worse; it not only affects health but also mentality of the addict. Not going to that extreme and will talk about the games’ applications of Facebook for now.

I, for a start, am a Facebook user, not only I follow my friends and post things, I also play. Like any addiction, it started to fill up some of the free time that I once had, and things developed as I got from one level to another that I felt like helpless and couldn’t control it. I thought closing Facebook for a while and being away from the games would help me, well I was able to stay away for a week from Facebook and anything related to it, then I thought it was safe to go back. I was wrong, so wrong. The moment I got back, I was back in the lope of games and levels and so on. It is now consuming my time, helping me to run away from tasks and reality, something I don’t want.

These days I somehow limited the games I’m playing to a group, mostly Angry Bird and Sims…for me those two are good to spend time on, I mean spare time if you got any.

YES I am an adult, and NO I’m not complaining or anything, I’m merely stating a situation that I know is not rare, thankfully.

Have you been there, through this addiction? Why not share your experience and advice?


One thought on “Facebook Games Addiction!!

  1. Wow…wouldnt know it can be so addictive…I never liked it much but I used to be an addict (so to speak) of the game Mahjongg online..its sooo helpful to release stress and help u think and remember…so dats my side

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