She Said, He Said

“She said, he said, they said” One keeps on hearing these kind of gossip and talk, about what other people say about others or themselves! for some reason it reminds me of a song, actually after googling I noticed there were couple of songs with such title… I will share the parts that I like from two songs.

In Ashley Tisdale’s song she talks about the gossip that arises from 1st impression of people either when entering a new social event or so. That is something that some of us live day in day out.

Boy walk in the spot, he’s so fresh and
He got what he needs to impressing
Just look at the way that he dressing
Ain’t no question chicks like oh.
Girl walking the spot, she stop traffic
She’s got everything you can’t pass it
So Jessica Alba fantastic,
Instant classic boys like oh.

Though I’m not a big fan of this musical group, but they got a point in their song I must say. Limp Bizkit in their song they discuss the issue of gossip and how it hurts, and I know sometimes we enjoy it when we do it and talk about others, but when it comes to us, and someone is gossiping about it, that would drive us crazy an d we would be all angry and annoyed and hurt. That is not fair for others, which in some cases we are those “others”.

Its all about the he said she said bull s@!t
I think you better quit, letting s@!t slip
Or you’ll be leaving with a fat lip
Its all about the he said she said bull
I think you better quit, talking that s@!t

These gossips and talk can affect one negatively, but we should remember that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!!” I know that I keep on saying this phrase over and over again, but it is because in my opinion this is so true as a statement.

The point of the post is not that we need to change ourselves dramatically. Know it or not, wanting to admit it or not, but gossip and “she said, he said” helps us in a way or another to improve ourselves, not in all cases but in some.


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