First Impression

Is it right to judge someone by the first impression they expose to us? Or should we give them the right for second chances? What is a first impression anyway? And when do we consider it so or not?

Going to a new environment makes one think how will he/she represent themselves to others, and what image and perception others will formulate after meeting. I went through this situation couple of times, and yes! First impressions make big difference to some people that you might meet in a new environment, not stating that these are judgemental, but they have their own guidelines that life taught them, in which if you fulfilled you would be in the green or red zone of their agendas…. In my perspective this is not an absolute thing and it is due to be changed by time and other life events.

I noticed tow important tricks if you want to call them which helps in leaving a good first impression:

“Dress to impress” Which is true to some extend…. Don’t over dress and don’t dress to casual as well… One needs to know where one is going and accordingly decide what to ware to suite the place and time as well as occasion where the first impression might occur.

“Be on time” Personally I prefer to try getting there a little bit early, some consider it a good gesture and gives nice ideas of your personality: care, interest and serious.


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