Knowledge is a Blessing

Living in a different environment made me realise how blessed I am. As a student I used to complain  about the information that was taught to us, not knowing that I was learning a very small part of the big vast seas of information out there. We tend to take things for granted and realise that often late, but with learning it is never too late. This experience made me realise the things that I have missed out as a young student, and made me want to go back to those information and live them not just know them, fill my spirit with the glory of this enlightening.

Doesn’t matter if this information was given to a first year student or high-school student, knowledge is knowledge. Sometimes we grow up knowing the more complicated information and not realising the fact that we forgot the very basic information which created this complicated one we now are proud of, showing off with.

I used to tell myself before: “basics! Always go back to the basics!” Not knowing that I’m not doing that well, and also not realising that I wasn’t actually working with my own advise.

Having knowledge is one thing, understanding and applying this knowledge is another thing. Living this knowledge that we know makes us even better people. Knowledge is a tool if used properly creates what we thought were only miracle done by magic, and connecting both physical/scientific  knowledge with the spiritual one is even greater in results in some cases. Inner peace give clearity to ones thought….

Truly knowledge is a blessing…. I might later on go on about some of that knowledge and how it helps me feel a better person.


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