Thoughts Interpreting

It is really funny how people can interpret one thought differently according to their background and lifestyle. You could be talking about one thing and the person in front of you would be thinking that you mean a totally different thing, thought you might have thought you both were on the same page. It could be related to miscommunication, and could be just that each have different experiences that led you to translate facts differently.

Different is not always a bad thing, it helps you expand the way you think and react towards events that you or the people you know go through, helps you be wiser to avoid the things that other might have been going through, also you could be the lesson in which people around you learn from, and I’m saying this in a positive way, not wishing bad thing for you or anyone.

Culture and society can be very harsh on someone who doesn’t deal well with the external interpretations that one might get from them. People tend to think that they are always right, regardless of the facts, and one should not relay on that, facts are facts, and they are facts because they have been inspected and proven to be facts. How is that done? Well I would suggest social facts can be built upon the mass agreement on a topic done be a certain society. Yes I’m saying that what is considered a fact in one society doesn’t have to be a fact in another society, and social facts are different from scientific facts, which are built according to internationally recognised factors, inputs and outputs.

With that been said, these factors affect on how people from different places might agree or disagree with your interpretation of a certain thought, depending on what they consider social facts or faults. My advice is to try to look at the situation from inside and outside the box, understand the speaker and his/her point of view of it, and what are the facts that he/she placed and according to what then you can place your interpretations, so they would be this way as close as possible to their expectations how you would interpret their thoughts that they worked hard to express.


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