Is It A Communication Problem?

Sometimes it gets hard when  you need to talk to someone about something, then  you are faced with a reaction that you didn’t expect. You need to get it out of your chest and talk about it with that person, but still that person doesn’t get the real point behind your discussion and things go bit wrong where you both are annoyed.

Though communication is an important tool, I would say so is the skill or receiving information and processing it. Why does it always need to be either or? I mean why is it always their way and only?! That might sound right and makes lots of sense for people who act this way, and sound familiar for people who go through this situation.

My point here is not to state that someone is right or wrong, I’m just expressing my confusion. If I talk, I’m considered wrong and if I keep quite, again I’m considered wrong for not talking. There seems to be no right way to get this thing right.

One thing I learned before, which is to be clear from the beginning, but unfortunately this doesn’t help all the time. Communication depends a lot on others perceptions and the conclusions that they make, you might be stating that this box is white, they might get the right idea that its colour is white, or they might think that you mean that it is clean and pure like the colour white.

So is it really a communication problem or just an expectation issue?


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