ME understanding ME

One might think, how come she wants to understands herself? She is talking about her, and no one knows her better than herself…. I would like to kindly disagree, it’s not ignorance from my side, and not that I just want to disagree. We think that we know ourselves really well, while the fact is that some people get to know us more than we know and understand ourselves, and that doesn’t make us any less.
I think that what is important is to admit your lack of knowledge instead of acting up as if you know it all, that is a step but not that important if you are not going to try to and solve it. This life is a school that we learn from. We get to learn the easy or hard way, depends on how sharp do we act and how well do we accept the delivered notifications that life sends us.

What led me to this question is the fact that I told myself couple of times that I couldn’t understand people, and did this action towards different people. Now I’m starting to think is it me or is it them? It can’t be that they are all wrong and I’m right. Then I got the idea that I might not know myself well enough which leads me to be confused and not sure of what is going around me, how I’m think or even how I’m  feeling in some cases.

I’m not sure if I’m in the right state of mind now to write about this question, but at the same time I think it’s better to write about what I feel when I feel it, for it comes out pure and true.

Finally I want to say: I might need to understand ME first !!


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