If you ask a Dr. he might say it is related to some vitamins which can be missing from your metabolic system. If you ask a teen he might say I need some food or sleep to recharge my power and not be weak. If you asked a father he might tell you being weak is to not having the ability to get his children what they need, I said need not want people.. Yet you can go and ask another person and you would get another description for weakness. It is nothing standard, it’s so much related to ones opinion, experience and state of mind.

Sometimes weakness can be caused by an inner feeling of insecurity, fear, health or even a combination of all. Need not to underestimate the effect of this notion that one might feel, and take in consideration what are the things that caused it.

Don’t want to talk about this as if I’m out of the box and looking at peoples status and lives, for that I got my own life to look at and analyse, that is the main point that made me choose this topic the first place.  Yes I do get weak every now and then, but that doesn’t mean people around me notice it, also it doesn’t mean that they don’t. What I’m trying to say is some people tend to hide their feelings and the things they have going inside their brains or bodies. What has been said doesn’t make people less than others, it just says that they had their reasons for doing what they did. Might sound like talking over and over with no point shown, but there is a point. People express their feelings and care in different ways, some think not sharing their negative life points of life with the ones they care for is better, not wanting to worry them, they could be right or wrong, depends on how you view the issue.

Back to the issue of weakness, it is a state of mind that need to be treated with care. Don’t underestimate this notion when you get it, because it can be something really serious, it can be your heath on the line. I know I said state of mind, and I’m not changing what I said. Weakness can be so simple as not wanting to look weak and show some tears, or complicated as health problems.


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