I’m An Interior Designer not Decorator!!!!

I feel like screaming it out load: I am an Interior Designer not Decorator. Why do you say it anyway the way you do?? As if this is a bad low-class profession, as if it is the job for the jobless, or is it so these days?

I didn’t spend five years of my life studying this profession to be told in the end that I am a mere decorator, no thank you, I studied interior architecture, which makes me even an architect!!! not just a designer.
I’m not putting down the role of decorators, but it is a total different field and in some cases more of a hobby rather than a profession. Yes! I said hobby, some people are gifted with interior taste, that even some designers don’t have, but that doesn’t make them designers, no thank you.

Now I feel more what computer related graduates feel when no matter their study is, people including myself call them IT ! I do apologise to them a lot in behalf of myself and ignorant people as well.

I am a designer, interior architecture, the knowledge I got is more than what you think I got, my work is not only related to colours and fabric, that’s just a part of what I know what to do. I got other important things to do such as revise the interior spatial organisations and ratio suitability and much more of the small, behind the scene yet affect a lot, details.

Don’t want or need your approval, just your respect to me and my profession as a curtesy, and even if you don’t that is your own issue. What is important that US designers know who we are and know what we are capable of doing and achieving.


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