Looking at the art of Graffiti, yes I did say art, for people who understand it and know it’s hidden messages might much agree with me. I’m not talking aout the scribbles on e wall by people who don’t know how to handel the tools, just got them and sprayed on the wall. Grafitti work is more about knowing your tools and applying them to create a beautiful work that would be admired, even if not been liked, just the ability that this work stopped someone to make him look at it is more that enough in some cases, the message that this artist wanted is been actually transported from e tools to the wall to the receiver.
First I want to start with what is Graffiti?
“Graffiti” is the name given to writings, drawings, paintings or scribblings on walls, pavements, monuments and other surfaces of public or private property, which became very common in the second half of the 20th century and can be seen around today.
So is Graffiti a crime or is it art? 
From different resources, graffiti is not considered a crime as an act, but the crime part comes when it is done on other’s properties and damaging those properties. Yes the result might be appealing and great to the viewer, yet what is the opinion of the wall’s owner? specially if that means the government.
Graffiti artists go through some trouble when placing their art on the wrong wall, they can get jailed, asked to pay bail and so on. Some public areas would welcome that form of art, but some others which are not that public that wouldn’t. The whole concept of Graffiti is having one’s signature on a place, it’s a statement and identity.
Going through some examples I noticed that even some famous calligraphers joined graffiti artist and created their own, some other calligraphers were their best in graffiti world of art

the following are some examples I took from youtube, not the best yet short and gives the idea
 vid 1

vid 2

I didn’t write a lot about this topic, I barely opened a door towards this art that I personally like. It is art, identity and one’s statement


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