Who can we callthe term (disabled) to? Some might quickly jump and answer: well it is obvious!People with physical disabilities or dumb enough to do anything right. Sorry myfriend, you just proved to the world that you are the disabled.
Let me start thewhole thing from the beginning, why am I talking about the concept ofdisability.
I recall one dayin class my instructor was discussing some information and consideration thatwe should bare in mind when designing a public space and one of the girlsjumped stating: we shouldn’t forget the toilet for disabled people! The girlmentioned the word with good intentions, for that’s what they write on them.The instructor looked at her then looked at one of my friends, who waspregnant, and said: you mean that your friend there is disabled? Or a personwith a broken leg is disabled? These people are considered to be physicallychallenged. These people do use this type of toilet by the way. We were allsurprised from her comment at the moment.
People did talkabout it, about how fair on injustice they go through. The funny thing sometimeis the ones who claim being furious are the ones who discriminate in their treatmentwith people with physical challenges. I know this topic directs to another issue,which I’m not going to go through, at least not now. In my opinion I considerit as a type of discrimination and it’s not their fault, it’s either they wereborn this way or went through something bad which placed them in such a saturationand condition, and if it’s the second case it might and might not be theirfault again. 
What givesanyone the right to think that they are better than other, and judge peoplewith their physical appearance, or physical abilities, what if they werephysically challenged? That doesn’t make them any less than the rest of us,they actually might be even better than some of us, they might be able to evenbetter than some of us.
Disability is abig term to be used, a challenge is a better word to describe what these peopleare going thorough. I don’t just mean the physical part, I include as well themental challenge that some people go through. They might be that smart, theymight be able to run, yet they can be really sensitive and can remind us howblessed we are. We shouldn’t be attacking them or treating them this way, weshould respect them and give them the right treatment that they deserve: love,care and respect.


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