What are worries? Is this just a state of mind or is there something behind it? The thoughts and ideas you get in the middle of the night and can disturb your sleep and wake you up, are they made up by your own mind, or are they for real?I once or more have mentioned the strength of the brain and how the subconscious can affect lots of our judgement s, but can it get that obsessive?Those might seem to be repetitive questions,from me and other close friends of yours, but that concludes that it is sort of universal thought that people are trying to figure out, or that we are just fed upfrom thinking about the same thing over and over to the degree of discomfort. It is our right to sleep peacefully at night, and that requires some effort for some and non from others. Some say that it is because one has conscious which gives us the sense our humanity, and some people just lost it and became more of rutinic robots rather than humans and can live without being ever bothered with e gongs they have done and sleep with no worries, they lost their humanity senses.Worries in point of view are complexed mixed emotions that fill one’s mind and makes him think over and over about one particular thought or a group of thoughts, with some sense of gld or fear of being exposed, most of the times worries are negative vibrations that can be canceric and distort lives and dreams, those bridges that we build for the future, or stop us or delay us from crossing those bridges.Regarding the notion of other peoples’ humanity questioning, it is not right to judge someone for teething they have done, after all we don’t know what is going in one’s mind and life.


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