I don’t know when did I start writing this post, but what I’m sure of that the thought was on my mind for more than a year!! and I think I started writing it more than two weeks!!!

I know that this term “RESPONSIBILITY” covers a wide range of topics and deals with different issues. Today I’m concerned with the issue of being responsible for someone else’s future and life, such as a daughter, son, brother, sister, mother or even father.
It might sound natural issue and expected for some, and hard for others. I would say when you weigh things and start looking at them from different angles and perspectives they might seem easier than you thought or harder than you could ever imagine. Keeping track of everything is a habit that you acquire not something you are born with. For some people they get it into their system quite quickly and it becomes part of who they are, and for others it takes days and even years if not decades to make it a habit, part of their life style. I’m not implicating that it is either or, what I’m trying to say is that if you were here or there don’t worry for that you are not alone, you could have the habit of checklisting in some aspects more than others. 
Back to responsibility, there are more factors related to it that can help its success or failure and in my personal opinion I can say that communication is one major factor that we should focus on, even before checklisting. Why am I saying so? Well if there were no communication between you and the people you are responsible for, you would not know their needs or the things related to them. Also you would not be able to communicate what you are trying to do to help them or to express your involvement. It can happen that all your efforts would turn to a huge catastrophe! And no, I’m not just exaggerating, this is a believe I got form some personal life experience. 
One might use the blaming technique to run away from the face of responsibility failure, and that might work in some cases, but the right thing is to face it and admit your mistakes and listen to other people’s suggestions. I’m not stating that I’m the perfect person, or that I do that all the time, I mean listening to people’s advises, what I’m saying here is that I am learning as well, and like any student I got this stubborn head when it comes to someone telling me what to do, the rebel inside me you may say. And yes! I know that I should do as I suggest: LISTEN TO PEOPLE AND STOP BEING STUBBORN!

these are some pictures that I liked related to responsibility


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