Goal Targeting

Sometimes it’s about getting what you want: achieving your goals and having even higher ambitions

There are lots of people who talk about how to achieve your goals….. different methods are placed and suggested… sometimes you get confused when reading all those resources…. BUT the fact that we come to know is that it differs from one person to another…. we all have different triggers and buttons that if targeted in the right way and in the right time wonders can happen

Some say keep it real and some say aim to the stars and some suggest to blind both…. but that all doesn’t matter for that we are individuals…. have different priorities and different views of the world and perceptions as well.

Some say that goals are over estimated and things can go as a one day at a time… while some say that our destiny is just there for us and we are just guided through it….

Regardless of the conception that one might have… goals are related to ambitions I would say… yet again I do suggest that expanding those ambitions to the starts would get you to the starts and even further more
After all: Newton got there because he investigated a natural everyday even… Why did the apple fall!!!!


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