Dreams are the coded messages that your brain wants to deliver to you.

Sometimes those dreams we get express the things we feel, it’s a tool that our inner mind uses to communicate with our subconsciousness. Our bodies can’t communicate to us by speech or even pain sometimes, either because we are used to such complains so we just ignore it, or the pain target is not what you need. Also, dreams that you don’t remember can be felt as Deja vu during your day.
Dreams can be interpreted in different ways, according to the direction that you are following, or want to follow. Dreams can be translated as body needs and warnings as mentioned earlier, or it can be futuristic anticipation. Some people do so by noticing symbols and translating them, these symbols’ translation might differ according to the person who had the dream in the first place, and that is the trick. 
There are some theories related to dreams that were represented through some famous movies such as: inception and matrix, both present a theory and direction of thought……
The role of the mind/brain and capabilities is massive and its connection with the dreams we see cannot be summed in a small post, I think it needs a full blog by itself.


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