Be Prepared and Have a Backup Plan

Be prepared for all answers, having a backup plan for a backup plan is nothing to be ashamed of.

In this life we go through different stages and phases, some we can predict as an outcome of something we did, and some might just surprise us. After all, life can be unpredictable sometimes. The most important point is not to put all our cards in one place, instead we separate them, or even better duplicate them then spread them around.
Being aware of what is going around us is important, yet, being aware of what we do is even more important. Focusing on both to build up our own is a talent that can be learned by time, from the school of life. It might sound tricky, but anyone can try learning. The qualifications that one would need: The WILL to learn, and the WILL to apply what he/she learned. 
So we go and live in this school of life… We plan once and twice and even more… We don’t give up… One day we’ll get there, maybe not all what we wanted or planned for, but the most of it In Shaa’ Allah!!


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