Depend on no one but Allah then yourself to get YOUR things done

There are some things that we need to get done, and there are two ways to do so: easy way and hard way. Easy is asking someone to do it as a favor, bank of favors. Hard way is doing it yourself and feel the proud that you did it yourself.
Why do we seek to ask people to do things that we can do, why ask for their effort, while we can do it ourselves? Is it us being lazy or is it that we got used to it?
If there is a deadline and you are depending on someone else, it can make you go crazy if not done properly or done on the right time. Why go through all that? All one needs is a little effort and work, but before that all : FAITH. Believe in Allah, and that HE can make anything possible. After faith there is your effort that Allah would reward you for.

Studying… working… parenting… going through a new journey in discovering yourself…. ALL of these and more can work as mentioned 


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